Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Do's and Don'ts for Picking up Women

Guys here is a question, why do you think women spend so much time, in some cases hours, getting ready to go out to nightclubs and bars? Answer, because they want to be hit on. 

Some may argue "Women don't dress up for men; they do it for other women." This could be true, but this means that women dress up to compete with other women for male attention. In other words, one of the reasons women put so much time and effort into their image is to see who gets hit on the most by men.

There isn't some universal way for you to pick up women. Every girl is different. Unfortunately we constantly see guys making fools of themselves trying to talk or dance with girls in ways that 99% of the time doesn’t work. But don’t worry, we can advise you on some Do’s and Don’ts on picking up woman and give you some insight on how to approach the ladies in a club.


First introduce yourself, and once you have their attention keep the conversation interesting. You have to keep them entertained, if the conversation gets boring quickly or she doesn’t engage they are obviously not into you.

Maintain eye contact and smile, if she gets flustered or smiles, you know you have her. Smiling is free, it’s friendly, and it’s welcoming.

Be honest about your intentions. Some woman may think they want hear certain lies but at the end you wont be the person they expected and end up with a bad rep, its better to be honest and put your cards on the table.

Compliment women, especially about their image and accessories. They work really hard to look good. Let them know you noticed and appreciate it.

Have fun! There is hardly anything more attractive than fun. Having her smile and laugh at your jokes. If she is smiling and laughing when she is around you, you can be assured she is comfortable and probably attracted to you.

"Love yourself", Be a person who is proud of who they are. How can you expect a girl to like you if you don’t like yourself.

You are the man, take the lead. She wants this, and if you do something she doesn’t like she will stop you or tell you. But be respectful when engaging.


Use cheesy tacky picks up lines. They won’t work.

Ask generic questions or give generic answers; it’s not a job interview. Nobody wants to hear that. She won't stick to long to hear it.

No matter what kind of music is on don’t sneak up behind them and start dancing (dry humping them). In fact do not touch them in general, if you don't know them.

Be extremely drunk:  we know you want to loosen up with a couple of drinks; so approaching women is less challenging. However, girls don’t appreciate some drunk dude all over them slurring while he tries to sound coherent. So ease up on the shots.

Be over Cocky. Woman like a confident man, but they don't want some narcissist who thinks he's god's gift to women. It's hard to determine sometimes what is too much confidence. So feel it out and avoid talking yourself up to much. All girls and situations are different.

Think about the negative. Keep it positive, and only worry about what you want. Do not Fear failure remember the more No’s the closer to a yes, its Law of Averages.

Waste time. Don’t be indecisive about approaching women. Men life is short, you’re here today and you might be gone tomorrow.

At the end, of the day the best advice we can give is to be your self, respect woman and have fun. "Way back when (looking at my parents, grand parents and etc now), men displayed chivalrous acts toward women. These days, I feel men require prompting to do so. Behave like gentlemen in a social setting... because anything other than that is NOT a good look". Says Aradia Knight

If a woman is going to be with you, let it be for who you are. Trust me you rather pick up and hang with a woman that you will have a good time with, rather than a boring stuck up daddy’s girl.

Guys, Tell us what works for you?  Girls, what really gets your attention?

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Tell a woman by her shoes

There are only a few things that can really tell you about a woman’s personality. One of which is, what she’s wearing on her feet. It turns out that 90% of a person’s personality can be determined just by examining the style, price, and condition of their shoes.

When meeting someone for the first time we look at certain elements that can give us an idea of what the person is like. Here is quick guide for men to tell what kind of woman they could expect by observing  their shoes. 

Wedges - Women who wear wedge shoes are usually straightforward, confident and love power. In relationships they seek for reliability and trust.

Stilettos-  She’s a woman with confidence, class and certain fashion sense. She is not afraid to be seen and heard. A woman who is confident and not scared to stand out in a crowd. Most likely a woman who takes risks in life and business. She is on a mission to gain the world’s wonders each and every day.

Peep toes - . These women are considered modern, stable and elegant, but still want to take it easy. Not to bold and a bit daring. Many people say that, very feminine ladies wear peep toe shoes. 

Loafers- Not the most fashion conscious girl in the place, the loafer-wearer is all about comfort-over-style. She’ll be low maintenance as well. Professional yet laid back. 

Ballet Shoes- This could indicate, most probably a daddy’s girl and a bit spoiled. She still sees herself as the naive little girl. Take our word for it; this girl still has teddy bears, pink pillows and childhood collectables in her bedroom. She may be pretty, but you’ll become a babysitter.

Shoes $800+ - High maintenance doesn’t even begin to sum this girl who only wears expensive brand named shoes, but don’t be too scared, there’s a good chance you can’t afford her anyway. She probably has a shoe closet and don’t be at all surprised if her footwear is organized by name or color code. And even if you don’t realize she is wearing a brand shoe she will remind you all night. 

Casual sneakers- Don’t think of running shoes, think Pumas, Converse or A&F . This girl is laid back and relatively easy going. Up to date with her pop-culture knowledge. She’s probably happy drinking beer and being outside in a concert.

Flip-flops- Suggests a cheerful spirit and woman on the go. She wants to be confortable and is more worried about having fun than looking good.  But if you see her in a club wearing these then, you know she is probably a bit lazy, and may not care much for her image. 

Transparent high heels – Hope you have a lot of singles in your wallet.

According to shoe expert Krystal McAllister, another great indicator of their personality is what condition they keep their footwear in. “Many women go above and beyond to protect their shoes with products such as heel shield , polishes and covers, in order to keep them from damage and dirt. This tells you they are not just worried about their image, but are responsible with their belongings.”

Most women are very picky about the style of shoes they buy and use. They see their shoes as something more than an object to walk in Determining a woman’s  personality through her shoes its not a science, but is a close indicator of what to expect. Whether or not it's your intention, your shoes will do much of the talking for you. And don’t forget this works both ways, women can tell a lot about a man by looking at their shoes. Just remember, for the shoes to tell you about a person, it will depend entirely on the situation they are wearing them in. Many unfavorable encounters could potentially have been avoided with just a little insight into what a shoe may say about its wearer.

Men, one last thing, always compliment a women on her shoes… trust me !!