Monday, August 27, 2012

SAS Martini Lounge: The Worlds 5 Best Clubs

Everyone loves to go out especially to their favorite local club. The music is perfect, the drinks are great and the people you meet are awesome. Music is the universal language so no matter where you are in the world you’ll find a place to dance and have a great time. Every club is great but they’re a few out there that have that  special extra something that make them legendary. Here are the top 5 clubs around the world.

#5 - Zouk (Singapore)

Surprisingly Singapore is home to one of the greatest clubs in the world, Zouk.  Zouk literally means “party” and their motto is One people. One tribe. One dance.” .It is said that it has an incredible atmosphere and its visited by some of the best DJs in the world. The club plays a variety of dance music, from techno to house and anything blasting on top of the charts. In fact, there are 4 different types of music areas within Zouk to give partygoers variety. Zouk was founded in Singapore in 1991 and how things are going it will be opened for a long time.

#4 - Ministry of Sound (London)

This historical colossal venue is one of the best clubs in the world for music .When you combine size, design an amazing light show and a sound system that is top notch, you get Ministry of Sound. Thousands choose Ministry of Sound as their weekend spot because it  Features big name DJs and has given birth to world-class musicians. Launched in 1991 and since have been other Ministry of Sound clubs launched around the world, in addition to a record label of the same name but the original one will always be the best.

#3 - Pacha Ibiza (Ibiza)

Anyone who knows music and clubs has heard about IBIZA. It’s the Mecca of all club lovers but in an island that is known for its nightlife only a few can be called great. That’s the case of Pacha, since 1973 it  has since become one of the most popular clubs in the world. Having five different rooms that blast a variety of musical styles. Its most famous for its house music, especially with Djs like Calvin Harris, Pete Tong,  resident Erick Morillo and some guy named David Guetta. Pacha Ibiza is a reigning force in the nightclub world.
#2 - Fabric (London)

It may be the smallest club in our list but they have quality over quantity. People who visit Fabric is due to their booking team who are constantly trying out new artists, showcasing underground talent as well as hosting  legendary DJs. Fabric opened in London in 1999, and has been full everyday ever since. Not just partygoers love Fabric many famous DJs Ricardo Villalobos, Jeff Mills, Jesse Rose and Luciano all consider this place to be their favorite club not just in London but the world. Cool fact: parts of the club are equipped with a bodysonic floor, this means the bass makes it vibrate allowing dancers feel the music.

#1 - Space (Ibiza)

like I said before IBIZA is the place to find the best clubs, But the King of them all is Space, this club has won more awards than any other in the world since it opened in 1989. Space Ibiza is known for its all day parties that lasts hours even days. You need real energy to party here, another reason why it’s one of the best clubs in the world for music. Space Ibiza closes whenever they choose. The club’s defining feature is its open-air dance floor that allows partygoers to enjoy the sun, and the warm nights. Space also draws famous international DJs such as Avici and Tiesto to lead its parties.

Besides maybe South Florida, nothing in the States comes close to what you can find around the world. If your lucky to be near any of these clubs, we suggest you don’t miss the opportunity to go. But don’t worry you don’t have to go to the best Club to have fun. Just find a place you are comfortable and know you’ll have a great time.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

SAS Martini Lounge Dress to Impress: A Woman’s Guide to Catch his Eye

Ladies I bet when you go get ready for the club you start asking yourselves: What should I wear? Does that dress make me look fat? Will my purse and accessories compliment my clothes?  What are my fiends wearing?...It’s normal wanting to look fashionable when you hit the club, however you need to be comfortable too, especially if you plan on dancing your heart out. We understand that clothing is a matter of personal preference and that every woman is different so here is some tips that can help you stand out from the rest.

Wear Color!!
Don’t wear dark colors, your not going to a job interview. Wear clothes to the club that you probably wouldn't wear to work. Shiny fabrics, decorations, beads and other bright complements are perfect for a night at the club. This is a great opportunity to pull out shiny satin and silk outfits -- they'll show up under the flashing lights at the club. Only if your are going to a fancy bar or cocktail party and want to be chic and sophisticated, a little black dress does work.

A dress or skirt shows off your sexy and feminine side. Don't believe me? Try wearing a dress the next time you go out at night. You will notice more positive reactions from men. Good dress styles to wear to the club include ones with form-fitting tops and flared bottoms. If you like to dance, a dress that fits you closely all the way down will make it harder for you to move. Dresses that go to your knees or above will be comfortable for dancing in.  Show a little skin. No, your boobs should not be flopping out of your top, but men do need to be able to see your physique in order to turn their attention. So pick a dress or skirt that shows off your great legs and arms.

Wear a stunning pair of heels. I realize your feet, knees and back may hate you, but you will look and feel more feminine from the moment you slip them on. Plus, heels flatter your lower half. Make sure your heels aren't too high if you plan on dancing. Extremely high heels will become uncomfortable to wear as the night goes on, but if you plan to sit all night, stilettos are fine.

Not a Catwalk
Men could care less about labels. In fact, if you're dressed head to toe in Prada or Louis Vuitton, it's likely to annoy them and make them feel hesitant. The only clothes you should be concerned with wearing are the ones that show off your best features.

If you decide to wear jeans to a club, wear a dressy pair. They should be dark. The cut is up to you because different designs adapt to different body types. Your jeans can be skinny, flared, boot cut or straight leg. You can also wear a denim mini skirt if you prefer. Be aware that the shorter your skirt, the more attention you'll definitely attract, so don’t be surprised to be hit on a lot.

When it comes clubbing you want to keep your purse small. This is because you, your friends or companion will not feel overwhelmed if they have to hold it or watch it. The items you should carry in said small purse are: cell phone, lipstick or lip gloss, your driver’s license (to prove your age), emergency cash, and only one debit/credit card.  Also, bring a pen and a small notepad to write down phone numbers… you never know.

If a club you want to visit has a dress code, make sure you stick to it so that you have no trouble getting in.

Its not what you wear its how you feel in it. Women are beautiful in all sizes, and men are attracted to all different types especially those that have the killer combination of confidence, kindness and femininity. Make sure your first impression is a great one every time.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dress to Impress: Tips for men to make a great impression

It's not the clothes that make the man... its the man that makes the clothes, but sometimes men’s decisions and taste can be misguided. You don’t have to have the perfect body to look good in the right outfit. Believe it or not you will capture a women’s attention if you’re wearing the right thing.

Clean and matching clothes
First and most important suggestion is to have clean clothes. There’s nothing worse than wearing dirty smelly clothing, no matter how much cologne you spray to hide it. Second unless it’s a theme party, your outfit has to match. Nothing is tackier than having black dress pants with red converse while wearing a vintage T-shirt.

Don't wear your nicest clothes
You are going out to party, relax and loosen up; you don’t want to wear your finest attire. It is very probable someway you will get dirty, so if you are going to be worried all night that someone will spill a drink on your expensive dress shirt or smudge your brand new suede shoes you wont have any fun. Between all the dancing and movement you will most likely sweat too and you’ll have to take your Sundays best to the cleaners. Besides if you are uncomfortable you wont be able to dance and party like you should. Sometimes at the end of the night you might even loose a piece of clothing, why risk your best.

The Suit
Suits are stylish, they make you look great, but if you didn’t come straight from the office you shouldn’t be wearing one at the club. Suits will get female attention but unless you’re at the downtown bar at happy hour don’t put one on.

Don't wear all black.
A lot of people live under the misconception that black is stylish, yes if you’re going to a funeral or a Goth club, Black cloths are usually reserved for waiters and mall product testers. Wearing black can bring about many negative results, like every bit of dryer lint will look like dandruff or stains from a cheap deodorant.

Brands and Logos
Nothing screams, “ I want attention” more than having a big Abercrombie moose or A/X logo on your shirt. I’m not saying these are bad brands, but letting everyone know where your expensive clothes come from wont make you popular with the right crowd. Many will argue that flaunting your brand to the world is a sign of success… its not; it makes you look like walking advertisement. Especially those who wear their Jack Daniels and vintage Soft drink tees.

Know the club
Know the rules of the Club or bar you are going to. This goes beyond: No shirt No shoes No service. If you know they don’t let people with tennis shoes in, then don’t wear them. It’s annoying if you’ve waited in line for a long time and when you get to the front they deny you entry. Nice clubs will have bouncers that if they see you with a tee and faded jeans will probably not let you in, and I don’t blame them. They want their club to be stylish so if you’re an eyesore they don’t want you in there.

Know the city
If you live in South Florida, you know its warm and humid most of the time. So wearing jackets and sweaters, no matter how nice they are, is a huge mistake. I understand many places are also summer hot spots; this doesn’t entitle you to go to the club with your Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops.

Do not wear sunglasses
I shouldn’t even have to mention this but I occasionally run into people who think this is stylish, Its not, you'll look like a douche.

Like what you wear
The most important aspect regarding your outfit is that you are confortable in it. Just because it’s trendy and everyone is wearing it, doesn’t make it right for you. If you are happy with how you look you will feel more confident and enjoy yourself more.

I know everyone has their own style and I respect that, but these are suggestions that will help you better your club experience and even bring up your game. If you’re still concerned about your outfit once you're dressed, seek advice. Ask a few women what they think, and take their advice into consideration.