Friday, June 29, 2012

Why You Should Go VIP at the Club

Both guys and girls go to night clubs for the same reasons.  Drinking and dancing with friends, meeting new people, making out with a stranger at the bar, and so on.  It is a way to release, let go from your troubles, and have a great time.  However, there are some of us who only know the one way to go about it, and that is general admission.  This usually revolves around you waiting outside while the big security guard mans the velvet rope.  Once you make it inside you soon discover that there is yet again another velvet rope.  You always hear about the VIP section in music and videos like it is some exclusive part of the club that only celebrities and friends of the owners could enjoy. 

This is wrong, however.  All you need to get into the VIP area is money, and let me just tell you bottle service in the VIP is definitely not overrated.  Depending on the club, bottle service can start as low as $100 per bottle and go all the way to $75,000 dollars! Now we know you aren’t LeBron James or Lil Wayne so you won’t be dropping that kind of cash, but it can be quite reasonable for you with a few friends.  Think of it, let’s say you want a $150 dollar bottle between you and four friends.  With a tip of $50 bucks that only comes to $50 dollars per person.  What is that, three drinks at most at the bar?   You would most assuredly get more than three drinks out of a bottle of alcohol, even if you are splitting it between four people.  Plus there is the added incentive of not having to fight your way to the bar, and then once you make it there you desperately have to try to get the bartender's attention.  Tell me that’s not the low point of your night.  You stand there like a goon waving money around and trying not to look desperate.  When you finally do get your drink it’s watered down because they measured the alcohol through a tiny thimble to make sure you have to go through the whole ordeal minutes later.  My personal favorite is when you turn around after your small victory just to have someone bump you so you spill it all over your clothes and shoes. 

The VIP section is not just about the drinks, though.  Sitting in the VIP makes you feel good.  You’re behind the velvet rope! You don’t play in the NBA and you’re not on a record label, but there you and your friends are!  It’s a great feeling of entitlement looking down at the general population while they are elbow to elbow all hot and sweaty screaming at each other so they can hear themselves.  If you feel like dancing, go down to the dance floor.  You can always come back because they give you a wristband to prove just how cool you are.  You basically get the freedom of being in a packed night club without the feeling of being a sardine in a can of sweat and hair gel.  You won’t be among the douchebags jockeying for position by the cute girl either.  All you have to do is ask her to join you in the VIP, she won’t pass that up. Especially if there is a free drink involved, right ladies?  

What few people realize is that you and a few friends can pool together your money for the night to make a trip to the VIP section easily affordable.  Make sure you don’t forget to tip your server and bouncer!  They can make or break your night if you are rude or disrespectful.  You’re there to have fun remember?  Last thing they want to deal with are loud and obnoxious patrons, and especially the ones that don’t tip.  If you treat them well, I guarantee they will remember you the next time you and your friends go out.   

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